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Made from brand new white siliconised polyester, our stuffing ensures that whatever you choose to stuff has that silky smooth fluffy feel. It has many uses, such as projects, school activities, camps and much more.

100% Polyester stuffing. Made in Canada. Only non-recycled polyester fibers were used, ensuring a good-quality consistent product. You can choose to purchase either resale bags for retail use, or bulk stuffing for in-house activities such as classes and workshops.

Polyester Stuffing - Bulk

Bulk Stuffing

Bulk stuffing features a discounted rate, for the same great quality product!

Polyester Stuffing - Retail Packaging

Retail Packaging

Retail packaging is best suited for when you want a ready product to go on your store's shelf or into your customers' hands right out of the box. It's the same grade A quality stuffing packaged in a clear poly bag with your name on the label.

For a reference point on stuffing volume: An square 18" pillow form uses about 1 pound (lb) of polyester stuffing, while a standard sleeping pillow uses about 1.8 pounds (lbs).

Please see below for our video showing our great polyester stuffing product.

Polyester Stuffing