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Lace Trim - Full Rolls

Lace Trim - 10+ Yards

Lace Trim - 10 Yards

Lace Trim - 10 Yard Rolls

Elastic Trim

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Lace trim is a very versatile item, spanning a multitude of uses. We sell the most common colors of white, cream and black lace, offering you many avenues for your projects. We offer lace in both full rolls and convenient ten yard bundles. If you require larger quantities, please contact us. The uses of this lace trim vary with your imagination. The styles of lace we offer can be used for weddings, parties, clothing and accessories. Elastic is also a multi-use item, from designers to dressmakers. Our fabric has many applications, from backdrops to decorator accessories. The sky's the limit!

Lace, Elastic & Fabric